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3 Strategies to Expand Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Turning a legal practice into a successful business has become challenging over the past couple of years, mainly because competition has considerably increased in the legal industry. Fortunately, there are different strategies that exist and may be applied to increase the level of competitiveness of a given law firm. As you read this article, you'll understand why business referrals, brand creation, and social marketing are what you need to focus on to make your personal law practice reach the next level.

Business referrals

Although they're not very popular, business referrals are one of the greatest ways of expanding a law practice financially. For example, consider that a client seeks to hire your services in a specific area of personal injury law that you don't master very well. Representing the client would be a violation of the ethical rules that require you to only accept cases for which you deem that you can help the client win their legal battle.

What you should do instead is refer the case to other personal injury attorneys at a more specialized firm. Doing so will not only boost your chances of being referred in the future by other legal practices, but it'll also increase your visibility within the injury law sector.  

Avoid TV commercials

It's well known that law firms allocate a significant portion of their advertisement budget to TV commercials. The only issue with this strategy is that its impact on the annual revenues is hard to measure due to the absence of reliable metrics, which means that TV commercials can't be viewed as smart investments. Instead, your injury law firm should focus more on social marketing. This is especially true if yours only has a limited access to financing.

It's important to understand that not all TV commercials are a waste of money. For example, legal giants invest a lot of money in high quality commercials that enable them to consolidate their position on the field by attracting new clients.

Create the right business image for your practice

Business image creation plays a critical role in the formation of your personal injury law firm's identity.  For example, if you want your company to essentially focus on personal injury cases involving intentional behavior, then this must be clearly stated on your website, or on whichever resource you intend to use to market your services. Doing so will reduce the chances that the clients who contact you need assistance with cases falling outside of your area, such as accidental behavior.  

If you apply these strategies, you're certain to get positive results, such as drawing more clients with personal injury cases, for example.