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Bus Incidents And Car Accident Attorneys

Buses are a popular way to travel throughout the country. Whether you are a city bus rider or if you ride the bus to get to a long distance destination, buses are often cheaper and can be a relaxing ride. However, getting into a bus accident is scary, due to the amount of people involved and the size of the vehicle. Buses are also less prone to have seat belts for restraint during accidents. If you are hurt in a bus accident, here is a list of information to collect to bring to your car accident attorney.

Make sure a report is filed

Especially when it comes to small bus companies, you should make sure a report is filed when a bus accident happens. The police should be called onto the scene, and they will determine who was at fault for the accident, what happened, and who receives a ticket. If no police have been called to the scene or if the driver seems reluctant to call, the passengers have the right to report the bus accident.

Get the name of the officer

With bus accidents, it can be notoriously difficult to receive information. While on the scene, get the information of the officer who responded to the call and filed the report. This will be your go-to person for getting information or a possible witness in the future. Official reports can make or break your claim, so you want to have access.  

Report any injuries immediately

It is possible that you will have to keep traveling after a bus accident, however, you should get any injuries checked out as soon as you can. If you have continued to your final destination, once you arrive, have a physical and report any problems at a local hospital. The hospital can provide all of the necessary documentation, proving your injuries.

See an accident attorney

A car accident attorney can be used for accidents with buses, and will be the first line of defense. Often, issues that have happened with a bus will have to go through a big company and their insurance. An attorney who understands the case law is the best person to fight for a settlement on your behalf. If a number of people were injured, buses may offer a group settlement or attempt to deny claims to mitigate damages. An attorney knows the shortest distance towards getting exactly what you need without going through a long period of waiting. Contact a car accident lawyer like Klafter & Mason LLC today.