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Examples Of Sexual Harrassment

If you have been made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace, you may be wondering whether or not you have a sexual harassment case. You can use some of the examples below to determine whether or not you may be the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Examples of things that would be considered sexual harassment

You are in the copy room and a coworker comes in and starts telling you a story about them and a person they went home with last night. The story has to do with their sexual encounter and it makes you feel very uncomfortable.

You go into your boss's office and see a calendar hanging on the wall that features people in very sexual positions. You leave the room feeling embarrassed and uneasy.

You go to your desk and see a note sitting on top of it. You open the note and it is from a coworker. The note says sexually suggestive things and it makes you feel uncomfortable and uneasy reading it.

You walk into the break room to grab your lunch out of the refrigerator and there is already a group of your coworkers sitting at a table. You grab your lunch and sit down, only to hear them telling some very inappropriate jokes about sex. You gather your lunch and decide to eat at your desk, feeling embarrassed.

You are standing at the work printer, waiting for your papers to be printed. A coworker comes up behind you and purposefully brushes the length of their body up against your back, slowly moving past you to get to the coffee maker. You lean all the way forward, trying to put an end to the contact and get as far away from them as possible.

Examples of things that would not be considered sexual harassment

You start working at a company only to find a person you dated a few years ago also works there. They glance at you when you walk by their cubicle and you really think they are having obscene thoughts about you.

You wear a new blouse to work and a coworker compliments you on the blouse, telling you their spouse has one just like it and they really like it, and wish their spouse had bought one in the same color you did. They say this in a casual tone, without making eye contact with any specific areas they shouldn't.

You get a new haircut and a coworker tells you they love your new haircut and it really fits the frame of your face.

You are standing at the printer and a coworker goes to walk past you and they trip, stumbling into you. They grab onto your shoulder to help keep themselves from falling more into you and apologize.

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