Attorney or Paralegal?

3 Questions You Shoud Ask Your Attorney After Your 3RD DUI In Florida

If you have two previous convictions for drinking while driving or similar charges and have recently been arrested for the same charge again, it is essential for you to obtain immediate and qualified legal representation. Unfortunately, the state of Florida is known to take this type of situation very seriously and you could be looking at spending some time in jail or prison. Therefore, before speaking with law enforcement or going to court, you should consider the following tips. 

#1-Choose An Attorney Who Can Make Reasonable Estimates As To What Will Happen In Court

Although it is very unlikely that any attorney would guarantee that he or she can get you off of all the charges, you may find that some attorneys are less frank about what will happen. For instance, Florida has the right to send you to prison for several years if you are convicted of your third DUI. However, that does not have to happen and an experienced DUI attorney will be able to discuss any plea bargains that you might ask for.    

#2-Discuss The Circumstances of Your Previous Convictions

One of the more common mistakes that people who have been previously convicted of DUI two or more times often believe is that convictions in other states or that happened many years ago do not count. Unfortunately, that does not tend to be true. Therefore, it is crucial for your attorney to have a of the information for previous arrests and the results of those offenses, so that he or she can provide you with the best defense possible.  

#3-Mention All Of The Pertinent Details From This Arrest

It can be tempting to omit some of the more embarrassing details from your most recent arrest.However, your attorney will almost definitely have heard it a before and is unlikely to judge you. If you argued with the police, did not have your license with you or declined a breathalyzer test, your attorney needs to know. That information could impact your case, so be as honest as you can when speaking with your possible attorneys.

In conclusion, you may find your options in Florida after your third charge of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol to be quite limited. However, you should apply the above advice about choosing criminal law attorney as soon as you can after your arrest so that you can be sure you have made the best choice you can during this stressful time.

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