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Cycling Collisions With Pedestrians: Reducing Your Risk And What To Do

Riding your bike either on the road or sidewalk not only puts you at risk for colliding with a car, you could also end up colliding with pedestrians. Getting into an accident with a pedestrian can cause serious injuries to both yourself and the other person. As a cyclist, you are required to take reasonable precautions to avoid hitting anyone or anything. However, at the same time, the pedestrian also needs to do the same to avoid getting hit. If you have a cycling accident with a pedestrian, here are some steps you should take to protect yourself physically as well as legally.

Assume pedestrians are going to be there

You must look out for pedestrians anywhere you might expect them. For example, pedestrians have right of way on certain paths and sidewalks (cycling on the sidewalk may be illegal in some parts of certain cities), so you should expect them to be there and ride cautiously. It is also a good idea to assume that a pedestrian will jump out from in front of a parked car or step out of a door or gate.

Use common sense

It's important to use common sense when it comes to weather conditions, your cycling ability and the condition of your bike. If you know your bike has worn brakes, then don't go flying down a steep hill, for example. Don't go speeding around corners on wet days with bald or slick tires. You may be legally responsible if you don't take the normal precautions of an average person.

Document your case

If you find yourself in a collision with a pedestrian, then you will need to treat it the same as if you were in a car accident. Both you and the pedestrian should get off the road, if possible, and exchange information. If anyone is injured, call the police and an ambulance. Make sure you document everything, including taking pictures of the accident scene if you have a camera. Don't try to determine who is at fault or assume who is more injured. Be sure to get a copy of the police report.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a cycling accident with a pedestrian, make sure you contact an attorney by clicking here. In these types of cases, either one of you could be considered liable. If you were being proactive about pedestrians, used common sense and documented your case, then it will be harder to prove that you were the cause of your accident and you may be more likely to get compensation if you were injured.