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Chronicling A Car Accident In The Age Of Cellphones: What It Does For Your Lawsuit

After a car accident, not too many people are in the mindset to chronicle the event. However, that is because up until fifteen years ago, mobile phones were not that common. Now nearly everyone has one. If you are in a car accident, try to have the presence of mind to chronicle the situation. It will have quite the impact in court when you sue the other driver for everything shown in the movie you made. Here is what you should be taping just after the accident.

Tape or Photograph Your Immediate Position in the Car and Injuries

First and foremost, pause as you always do in this situation. You want to be sure you can move, and that there is nothing about you that is seriously hurt. Hit the record button on your phone, or snap pictures of your car, your position in the car, and your injuries. Keep the camera taping video, if possible, as you slowly exit the vehicle. This piece of the video, or the photos, accurately documents things for the court.

Tape or Photograph Your Approach to the Other Driver

Be sure to check on the other driver. Ask him/her if he/she is okay. In the event that the other driver gets out of his/her car first, record the reactions and what the other driver is saying in case the other driver is hostile. Do not exit the vehicle if the other driver seems volatile. Wait for the police to arrive. While you wait, try to record or photograph the other driver's vehicle, and the license plates on that vehicle. You will need this info if the other driver decides to suddenly take off (hit and run). In the event of a hit and run accident, and you were successful at obtaining this information, the police can track down the other driver and the courts can effectively punish that person.

Record Every Verbal Exchange That Happens So That There Is No Question about What Was Said

Human memories fade over time. Knowing that, recording everything that is said between you and the other drive after the accident will help the judge determine who is right, and who owes whom. Undeniable footage and/or photos are proof that no judge can ignore, which is why your cellphone is your main tool in an accident. It is also helpful in the event that the other driver promised to pay for everything and then tries to tell the judge that he/she never said that. Give a copy of all photos and/or the video footage to your auto accident attorney to keep safe until the hearing.