Attorney or Paralegal?

Receive Justice After Being The Victim Of An Accident Involving Your Bicycle

Drivers should obey the rules of the road and realize that they need to share busy roadways with pedestrians and bicycle riders. Unfortunately, some people do not seem to realize that they need to be respectful of others and are often in a rush to get from point A to point B without watching out for others and ensuring that they remain safe. If you were riding your bicycle along the edge of a road and were vigilantly monitoring traffic, but were still sideswiped by a driver traveling quickly, use the advice below to help you receive justice for the accident. 

Stay Put And Seek Help

Do not try to stand your bike up and get back on it without knowing how seriously you have been hurt or if your bike has been damaged. Of course, you need to move your bike off the road, but if you are not able to do so without hurting yourself further, ask a passerby to assist you with this task. Remain seated next to your bike and ask someone to call law enforcement and to make arrangements to have paramedics stop by so that you can be checked out. 

Provide A Thorough Description

When a law officer arrives on the scene, try to convey to them what occurred. Provide a detailed account of what you were doing prior to the accident. Include information about the direction and speed that you were traveling, hand signals that you used, and what you witnessed occurring. Try to provide as much information as you can about the vehicle that struck you.

The make and model and color of the vehicle as well as any imperfections or decorations that the vehicle possessed will be helpful in tracking down the person who committed the crime. The law officer may take pictures of you and the condition of your bike so that they will have proof of what occurred. You can request a copy of the police report so that you can seek justice for the injuries and damage.

Hire An Attorney And Seek Money For Damages

Provide the officer with your contact information so that they can inform you if they locate the person who was responsible for hitting you. If so, the officer will likely prosecute the person and they may be fined for causing the accident. Once you obtain information about the person who is responsible, contact a bike accident lawyer and request that they help you collect money for damages associated with the incident.

During a formal hearing, your side of the story and the other party's story will be presented. If you win the case, the judge assigned may order the other party to pay you for the injuries and damages that were incurred.