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3 Tips To Help You Obtain Custody Of Your Child

Divorce is never easy for anyone, but it can be especially difficult if there are children involved. If you fear you are going to have to battle your soon to be ex for custody, you're going to need to put on a brave face and take some proactive steps to improve your position in court. Here are three things you should do to improve your chances of winning custody.

Cooperate with Your Ex Where You Can

While being nice to the person who is trying to take custody of your children away from you might be the very last thing you want to do right now, it's important that you don't just completely flip out on them. If a judge sees that you are unwilling to be reasonable or are not capable of having a conversation with your ex like an adult, they may actually use this against you in the case. Family courts like to see open communication between parents and at least some level of stability.

Get an In-Home Custody Evaluation

If the judge is unsure if you are ready for custody or if you are trying to appeal a previous custody ruling so you can get more visitation time, you may be able to ask the court to give you an in-home custody evaluation. Under this scenario, the court will send a trained professional to your home to inspect the premises and make sure it is safe for children. This specialist may also observe your interactions with your kids. If you know you are a good parent, you should have no problem proving it to the court.

Have Your Documentation Organized and Ready to Go

Get all of your financial affairs in order and be prepared to show everything to the judge. If this is an ongoing case and you are trying to get additional visitation, keep a log of every phone call you make to your child when they are not with you and also jot down everything you do with your child when they are with you.

If you want to win custody of your children or at least obtain better visitation rights, you need to present a stable picture to the family court. Show the judge you are willing to work with your ex when possible, keep meticulous documentation and if needed, request an in-home evaluation. For more tips, reach out to a child custody lawyer today.