Attorney or Paralegal?

Seek Help After Being Injured Severely In A Car Accident

If a car accident has left you without full use of your legs and you have been on leave from your job for several weeks, you may be concerned about the longevity of your career and the possibility of not being able to return to work. Seeking a second opinion, participating in physical therapy sessions, acquiring a reduced workload, and applying for social security benefits are all options that you may want to explore.

Seek A Second Opinion And Participate In Physical Therapy

If your primary physician has given you little hope about recovering fully, it won't hurt to seek a second opinion from another doctor. The new caregiver will likely take x-rays of your legs and test your reflexes. They will also examine existing wounds prior to providing you with a prognosis.

You may be advised to meet with a physical therapist to begin treatment that will help your leg muscles strengthen. A physical therapist will train you to complete each exercise that they add to your personal plan and will provide you with support and encouragement.

Speak To Your Employer About A Reduced Workload

When you are feeling up to speaking to your employer in person, request to meet with them at your place of employment. Bring a copy of your medical records along with you so that you can help your employer better understand your current state and changes that may occur in the foreseeable future.

Discuss the possibility of reducing your workload, or being switched to an alternate position that won't require you to stand up. If your employer thinks of you as a valuable asset to the company, they will likely accommodate your needs. 

Apply For Benefits

If you find that it is too difficult to continue working, even after your workload has been reduced, seeking social security benefits is a solution to your dilemma. Although you may have heard about others who have applied for benefits and were denied, this does not mean that you will be turned down. It will also be useful to hire a lawyer who has experience presenting cases pertaining to disabilities.

A lawyer will provide you with an application and will help you fill out the paperwork if you need assistance. A copy of your medical records and recommendations from your doctors should be given to your attorney. A court date will be set, and your lawyer will address the judge who has been assigned and will present your case.

If you are not approved for benefits on your first try, do not give up. Instead, request that your lawyer files an appeal so that you have a second chance to be deemed an eligible candidate for benefits.

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