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Questions Employers Are Not Allowed to Ask in Job Interviews

If you are going into a job interview, there are some questions an employer is not allowed to ask you. The following questions are unlawful to ask any job applicant:


Employers are not permitted to ask any applicant questions regarding his or her race. If you are applying to a job where you will be photographed, you legally are not required to send a photo with your initial application.

National Origin

Employers may not ask any questions about an applicant's national origin or ethnic background. Applicants may not be asked about their place of birth or the origination of an accent.

Maiden Name

An employer may not ask a woman her maiden name. Also, employers are not allowed to base a hiring decision on marital status. Additionally, an employer may not ask an applicant whether or not he or she intends to get married or have children in the future.


Age may not be asked about in a job interview. This could lead to age discrimination during the hiring process. Only a few cases exist in which age can be asked, such as if you are applying for a movie role, the employer may ask for a certain age range to apply based on the particular character they need.

If you think that an employer is discriminating against you based on your age, find an age discrimination law service and ask them if they think you have a case.


No questions regarding disabilities are allowed to be asked during a job interview. If an applicant is clearly disabled in some way, the employer may not ask any questions about the disability, how the disability impacts their daily lives, and the like. Disabilities are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Employers can face a major lawsuit if they base hiring decisions on disabilities.


Employers who ask questions about religious beliefs can face a lawsuit. No one is allowed to ask any questions about your religious affiliations or views. The applicant, on the other hand, may not ask employers whether or not they observe specific holidays of their religion.


While an applicant can disclose their military service on an application, employers may not ask questions about the discharge from the military. This includes honorable, dishonorable, and medical discharge.


 Employers are not allowed to ask about a bankruptcy discharge an applicant has. No questions regarding any portion of the applicant's finances are allowed to be questioned during the interview process. The employer may also not ask about the applicant's home ownership or if they have garnished wages from previous jobs.