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Bail Bonds: Out Of State But Not Out Of The Question

Dealing with bail issues can be tough on loved ones who only want their loved ones to be released from jail. Tougher, still, are cases that involve a loved one that has been arrested in another state. If bail is offered, your loved one can be released. However, if the loved one is in another location, it can make things trickier. Read on to find out what bail bonds services are available when a loved one has been jailed in another state.

What to Know About Bail

Bail is not just a sum of money owed to the court – it's about promises. For bail to be possible, your loved one must pledge to obey all the conditions of bail. Those conditions can involve returning to future court appearances, keeping out of trouble, and checking in with court authorities. There are several options to use bail to gain a release.

Paying the Bail

Bail can often be too expensive for many of those arrested and the loved ones trying to get them released to afford. If your loved one has enough money with them at the time of the arrest, they can use those funds to be freed. Most people, however, don't carry the thousands of dollars needed to pay the full bail around with them. If your loved one has the financial resources and you are willing to travel, you can take the funds for the bail to the jail. That can be extremely inconvenient and is not really necessary, if you use a bail bonding company.

What to Know About Bail Bonds

Bail bonding agencies are not directly affiliated with the jail or the courts, but they work with them to obtain the release of those offered bail. The bonding agent will accept a mere percentage of the full bail cost and then form an agreement for payment of the remainder, if the defendant fails to comply with bail conditions.

Working With Distant Bonding Agencies

It may be possible to bail your loved one out of jail without having to travel to the location of the arrest. Not all bonding agencies will perform this type of bonding, but some do. You will need to contact both a local agent and a distant agency willing to work together. You will pay the local agent, and the bond will transferred to the other agency. Additionally, if the bail amount is somewhat low, some bonding agencies will take a payment for the bail over the phone. You will sign the bonding agreement via email or fax and the agent will see to your loved one's release. Speak to a friendly bail bonding agent about your options when that dreaded phone call comes from another state.