Attorney or Paralegal?

A Visitation Modification May Be of Interest

When one parent lives a couple of hours away from the other one or when one caregiver cannot commit as much time to a child as their counterpart, a visitation order will reflect upon these variables so that the minor is cared for on a consistent basis. If you are the parent who isn't the primary custodian and now your personal situation has changed, you may be interested in seeking more time with your offspring.

Family Law Utilizes Fair Practices That Are in the Child's Best Interest

If you used a specific attorney to handle all of the matters pertaining to your divorce, custody agreement, and child support order, this individual will have documentation on hand and will only need to be refreshed about what has occurred in the past, plus told how your situation has been altered.

If you changed jobs and are working fewer hours or if you have moved back into the same town as your ex and will have an easier time handling transportation needs associated with your child, you have every right to seek more time with your loved one. You can file a motion for a change in custody, which will require that you and your ex appear before a judge.

You may be able to agree upon a modified visitation arrangement and the other parent may instantly be receptive to the new schedule since an equal amount of time may be spent with your child or the other parent may appreciate having some more time to handle work duties or personal obligations since you will be looking after your child more frequently.

You Have a Right to Present Your Case

Your family lawyer will file the initial paperwork associated with the visitation changes and your ex and their attorney will be notified of your motion. In a situation in which the other party does not want you to have more visits with your child and is adamant about keeping the order intact, you will need to rely heavily upon your attorney's expertise and the factual evidence that will be presented before a judge.

If you have consistently made your child support payments on time, have always been on time to pick up or drop off your child, and have formed a solid bond with your offspring, there will likely be no reason for you to worry and a judge will look over the information that was presented on your behalf and will make a fair judgment. For further assistance, contact family law services.