Attorney or Paralegal?

What A Personal Injury Lawyer Should Do For You

It is true you will only need your injury lawyer when you are having the worst day of your life. But that's what you pay them for — to be there for you in your time of pain and represent you effectively in one or all of your injury cases

But what describes the basics of the services a personal injury lawyer should offer you? Read on to know more!

1. They Will Explain Your Rights 

Before you take the step to sue whoever you purport to have had inflicted pain or injury to you, your injury lawyer will help you understand if you can continue using or dropping the case. In many instances where you are advised to settle the case, the personal injury lawyer always considers your input into the case.  For instance, if you are partially to blame for an accident that caused you harm, it might be unwise to continue with the case, as you will also be liable.

2. They Will Investigate Your Case

Before a case is allowed in court, prior investigations are needed to ascertain that everything you are complaining about is real. The best person to help with the inquiry at this point is your personal injury lawyer, as they understand your rights. They might as well hire expert witnesses to help with the investigations. While other lawyers will conduct the investigations themselves, others will use independent investigators' services for an efficient job.

3. They Put Concerned Parties on Notice

Once an injury occurs, many affected parties would want to talk you off the case or come to make uncalled-for claims. Your personal injury attorney will prevent this by advising all relevant parties that any future contact with you should pass through their office. 

Through this, your personal injury lawyer can follow through with the insurance communications and insurance claims' status. They will also easily follow up on other critical information relating to your case, including medical treatment, injury allegations, and bills.

4. They Represent You in Court

If your case gets this far, then, by no doubt, your personal injury attorney will represent you in court. However, most cases never reach this phase, as they are normally solved out of court before filing a lawsuit.  

Most of the cases that are solved in court happen because the insurance company denies taking responsibility for the claim. In that case, your attorney will represent you and present facts and figures before the court in your favor.