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What Impacts the Cost of Hiring a Process Server?

If you need to serve someone with legal documents, such as if you want to serve your spouse with divorce papers or if you are suing someone, then you might need to hire a process server. Then, the process server can help ensure that the legal documents are served properly and quickly, and you won't have to worry about putting yourself in a dangerous or tricky situation in the meantime. You could be wondering how much it will cost for you to hire a process server, which is certainly a reasonable concern. These are some of the things that can impact this cost.

How Soon Do You Need to Have the Papers Served?

First of all, you should consider how quickly you want to have the papers served to the party that you are suing or taking other legal action against. If you are hoping to get things taken care of as soon as possible, then you might be willing to pay a little bit extra so that the process server will prioritize your case and so that they will do what they can to speed things along. If you aren't in a big rush, on the other hand, then you might not have to pay as much to hire a process server.

How Much Traveling Will the Process Server Have to Do?

Next, you should consider how much traveling the process server will have to do in order to serve the individual since you will probably be the one who has to cover the travel expenses for the process server. You might want to hire a process server who is located near where the person who is being served lives since this can help you avoid paying excessive travel expenses.

How Difficult Will the Person Be to Find and Serve?

Some people are more difficult to find and serve with legal papers than others. If the person who you need to have served knows that the legal papers are coming and is doing everything that they can to dodge you and the process server, then you should know that the process might be more expensive. After all, the process server might have to spend more time doing research to help them find the person, and they might have to charge "stakeout fees" and other costs. If it's pretty easy for the process server to serve the person, on the other hand, your costs should be lower.

If you need help with process service, contact a local process server.