Attorney or Paralegal?

3 Common Types Of Cases Handled By Corporate Litigation Attorneys

Corporate/commercial litigation is a branch of law that focuses on disputes between

  • One business and another business
  • A company and its employees
  • A company and its customers 

Commercial litigation aims to seek compensation or legal action against a business or party for their actions. Thus, if your business seeks to sue another company or gets sued by another party, you need to hire a corporate litigation attorney for legal counsel in the matter.

However, most business owners don't know which cases warrant hiring a commercial litigation attorney. If you are unsure of whether you need to hire a lawyer, here are three types of cases that corporate litigation attorneys handle. 

1. Breach of Contract Cases

When a business gets into a contract with another company or person, the contract is legally binding. As a result, if one party breaks the contractual agreement, the other party can seek legal action via a civil litigation lawsuit. 

If a business, employee, or customer sues your business for breach of contract, you need to hire a corporate litigation attorney. The attorney will protect your interest in the civil lawsuit by providing legal counsel and representation in court. 

If one of your employees, customers, or corporate partners breaches a contract, you can also file a lawsuit against them. Thus, you need to hire a corporate litigation lawyer in such a scenario to

  • Gather enough evidence to prove that there was a breach of contract
  • File the violation of contract lawsuit
  • Represent your interests in the civil lawsuit 

2. Disputes Between Shareholders or Business Partners

Sometimes a corporate dispute can arise within a business entity. For instance, shareholders or partners may not agree on the business management or fiduciary duties. 

In such a scenario, corporate litigation lawyers can help you resolve the internal disputes by referring to the business's bylaws. But, if the bylaws don't help resolve the dispute, you may have to turn to the civil courts to resolve the matter. 

In a civil lawsuit, a commercial litigation lawyer plays a critical role in representing each party's interests during the proceedings. 

3. Intellectual Property Conflicts 

Intellectual property laws protect a business's patents, trademarks, and copyrights. If another business or person uses your intellectual property without a license, they directly breach the law. 

Examples of scenarios that fall under intellectual property infringement include:

  • Using another company's trademarks or copyrights
  • Counterfeiting products
  • Trademark squatting
  • Brand impersonation
  • Creating look-alike products 

If another company or person violates your intellectual property, you can file a lawsuit against them. Such a lawsuit aims to seek reparations for the damages incurred by their infringement of your intellectual property. 

Thus, a corporate litigation attorney can spearhead the lawsuit and represent your interests in court.