Attorney or Paralegal?

Help Your Children Cope With You And Your Spouse's Upcoming Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways and are both interested in a divorce, the following tips can help make the transition as smooth as possible for your children and will help them continue to feel special and wanted by you and their other parent.

Meet With A Mediator

Set up an appointment to speak with a mediator who has plenty of years of practice dealing with family situations. Your attorney may be able to refer you to a mediator, and you can provide them with information about your initial appointment so that you can receive guidance and advice if you are concerned with how the meeting went.

A mediator can help uncover underlying issues that may interfere with your children's happiness in the future. If you are satisfied with how your meeting goes, you can choose to set up a time for the mediator to meet with your children to discuss how they are feeling about the upcoming divorce. A mediator will also meet with you and your spouse and assist with opening the lines of communication between you and them so that each party is satisfied with the outcome. 

Participate In Extracurricular Activities

If your children take part in extracurricular activities, such as being part of a sports team or choir, continue attending each event. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse would also like to attend the events, try to make an agreement to sit near each other so that your children will not need to experience an awkward situation.

If sitting close to one another is not possible, try to be as civil as possible when you see your spouse. While you are communicating, focus solely on the event that you have attended and your children's performance so that nobody gets upset.

Be Fair When It Comes To Scheduling And Maintain The Same Routine

You may feel hurt whenever you think of your spouse, but it is still important for them to maintain a strong bond with the children. Stick to the visitation agreement that you both made and try to be prompt when it is time to drop off or pick up your children. Maintain the same routine that you usually do while at home too. By sticking to a regular schedule, your children will be able to rely upon the plans that are made for them and may eventually be able to accept the fact that you and their other parent will no longer be living together.