Helping Your Child With Their DWI Case

If your teenaged or young adult child has been charged with a DWI, you might be upset with them and their choices. While you might want to teach them a lesson and have them deal with the ramifications of a DWI on their own, this might not be the best decision. This is actually a time in your child's life that they will need your support the most. Here are three things that you can do to help support your child through DWI charges.

Understanding the Types of Damages Available in Personal Injury Cases

When you sue someone for personal injury, the outcome of the suit will typically be compensatory rather than punitive. Rather than having a prosecution tasked with proving that a defendant is guilty of a crime, there will instead be a plaintiff trying to prove that they have been wronged by the defendant. As a plaintiff in a personal injury case, you need to know what sort of damages you can sue for.

Your Student Loans And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: What You Should Know

When you are struggling with your finances and in your attempts to pay your debts, you may find yourself considering filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, in your attempts to get your finances back in order, you may not fully understand what to do with your federal student loans. In order to avoid making any mistakes that could cause you trouble with your bankruptcy case or your finances going forward, get to know more about your federal student loans and chapter 13 bankruptcy -- and how you can handle the situation.

Four Tips For Coping With Surprise Divorce Papers

By the time most couples file for divorce, the writing has usually been on the wall for months or even years, and neither party is truly surprised when the marriage dissolves. In some cases of long-distance relationships, infidelity or poor communication, however, you may not have even realized that divorce was on the table until your spouse serves you the papers. Your first response to such a trying moment might be to angrily call up your spouse and refuse to cooperate, but this is the worst possible move you can make.

Understanding Prescription Drug Errors & How They Can Occur

Do you trust that your pharmacist will give you the correct medication? Yes, is a common answer. But, it is always possible that the pharmacist could make a mistake. What can you do when this happens to you? When provided an incorrect prescription, for whatever reason, it is best to speak with a personal injury lawyer about ways to correct the situation. Are These Errors Common? Though the overwhelming number of pharmacy transactions proceed smoothly, errors do occur.

Navigating The Murky Waters Of Grandparent's Rights To Child Visitation

Few things are as stressful as dealing with child custody issues. So often former couples use their children as pawns in a game of trying to get back at each other - and they forget that the children are human beings with feelings and needs. Whenever a child custody battle is particularly messy before one parent wins full custody, the extended family of the other parent will sometimes be cut off from visitation.

Rethink Your Strategy With VA Disability Appeals

Being denied benefits from the Veterans Affairs (VA) disability system can be a major setback from getting the financial and medical support you need to transition to civilian life, but it isn't the end of your chances. The VA knows that there can be mistakes in the approval process and confusion on the part of the veteran, which is why the appeal policy is placed on every mailed decision or information letter (as shown in this PDF document from the VA).

How Assets May Be Concealed In A Divorce By Your Spouse

A divorce is a common case type that family lawyers deal with. The dividing of a couple's assets can be an incredibly uncomfortable and awkward part of the entire process, and it's possible that a spouse will try to hide asset so that they are not taken into consideration. Fortunately, hiring a divorce attorney will keep you one step ahead of your spouse. They are familiar with the ways that people can hide assets.

Bus Incidents And Car Accident Attorneys

Buses are a popular way to travel throughout the country. Whether you are a city bus rider or if you ride the bus to get to a long distance destination, buses are often cheaper and can be a relaxing ride. However, getting into a bus accident is scary, due to the amount of people involved and the size of the vehicle. Buses are also less prone to have seat belts for restraint during accidents.

3 Reasons A Jury Verdict Can Be Overturned

If you are facing a criminal charges in a controversial case, you will want to understand the various facets of a trial, the power of the judge, and what things can affect a jury's decision. This article will discuss the three ways a jury verdict may be overturned by a judge. 1. A juror engages in misconduct. In the 1957 version of the movie Twelve Angry Men, during a point in deliberations, the character juror 8 (Henry Fonda) reached in his pocket and brought forth a switch blade.