What You Should Know About A Revocable Living Trust

Do you have a lot of valuable assets that you want certain people to inherit after you are deceased? You might want to hire a probate lawyer to draft up a revocable living trust that can come in handy even before death takes place. The article below will give you more information about a revocable living trust so you will gain a better understanding of why it is beneficial. Bypass Probate Court [Read More]

How DUI Convictions Affect Your Chances Of Custody

A charge or conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) isn't good for anybody, but it's particularly damaging for parents fighting for their children's custody. The DUI conviction makes it difficult for you to convince the court of your ability to raise a child properly. Here are specific ways in which a DUI conviction may damage your chances of getting child custody: Drug Offenses Raise Red Flags Drug-related offenses reduce your chances of getting child custody. [Read More]

How To Recover From Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Almost everyone suffers from a financial crisis or two during the course of their lifetime. While you can recover from many of these stressful situations, occasionally you simply cannot. If you have to declare chapter 7 bankruptcy, remember that you have every right to do so. Also, realize that your life is not over. You can take positive steps to restore your credit and your life.  Save Money Although saving money may seem like a strange suggestion considering you've just hit financial rock bottom, it will now be easier to achieve. [Read More]

Which Branch Of Bankruptcy Is Best To Stop A Foreclosure From Going Through?

When your mortgage lender begins the foreclosure process on your home, you may need to act quickly if you want to avoid losing it. Bankruptcy is often a good option to look into at this time, but you will need advice as to which branch of bankruptcy you should file to prevent the foreclosure from occurring. Here are several things you should know about stopping a foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy. [Read More]