What You Need To Know About Illegal Police Stops And How An Attorney Can Challenge Your OVI Arrest

Law enforcers have a right to pull you over if they suspect you are operating a vehicle while impaired. However, they must have reason to believe that their suspicion is valid. If they don't have a justification for an arrest, you can challenge the charges they prefer against you. An OVI attorney can create a defensive plan to prove that your arrest was unlawful. Here's what you need to know about illegal police stops and how an attorney can challenge your OVI arrest. [Read More]

How Do Divorce Attorneys Ensure You Get A Fair Settlement?

In any divorce, the most important issue is the division of assets. Determining who gets what can be a long and arduous process, but with the help of a skilled divorce attorney, it doesn't have to be impossible. While it can be emotional, you must protect your rights so you can get a fair settlement. A divorce attorney is central to these proceedings because they will have the ability to negotiate on your behalf. [Read More]

What Are Your Inheritance Rights As A Brother Or Sister?

Did you recently have a brother or sister that passed away and now you are wondering what your rights are to a potential inheritance? Here are a few key questions that you may have. Is There An Order Or Succession? Many states have laws that determine an order of succession when a will was not in place prior to someone's death. Assets typically go to a living spouse and then their children. [Read More]

The Where And How Of The Process To Follow When Filing For A Divorce

Most people assume that the terms and conditions for filing a divorce are the same regardless of where you are. However, the laws differ from one state to another, so you should do some research beforehand. The best place to start your research is the county courthouse, as it will have all the documents needed to help you file. Here is everything you need to know about the place and the processes to follow when filing. [Read More]